How to Enter the Japanese Market Create a Japanese Landing Page

Maximize lead acquisition via advertising

What is Create a Japanese Landing Page?

Create a Japanese Landing Page is a service that creates landing pages for advertisements with a design and structure that is appropriate for the Japanese market and familiar to Japanese people.

If a global landing page already exists, we will localize the design and structure for the Japanese market.

The Challenge

Attracting customers but not converting

Inspect for problems in the lead-in between landing on a page and making an inquiry.

Existing landing page does not convey appeal

Conveying the benefits in a short time requires a knack.

Just translated the English version into Japanese

The design that the Japanese market likes is very different from the global version.

The Benefits

We are experts in attracting customers

Bloomstreet is a digital marketing company that also functions as a production company. We pursue not only design but also conversion rates.

We know the differences between Japanese and international design

With staff in Asia, Europe and the United States, we understand the characteristics of highly effective design in both Japan and overseas.

We have extensive experience in multilingualization

In addition to localization for Japan, we also localize Japanese landing pages into a global version.

Create a Japanese Landing Page Service

Japanese Landing Page Creating Process

  1. 01 Check global version
  2. 03 Check design regulations
  3. 04 Design Proposal Submission
  4. 05 Reflecting Feedback
  5. 06 Publish

“Have you finished localizing your website only by translating it directly into Japanese?
Designing a website that is more Japanese-friendly will help you get closer to your viewers and lower the threshold for inquiries, which will lead to lead acquisition.”

Megumi Matoba
UI/UX Designer, Bloomstreet


Can I request a Japanese landing page even if I don’t have a global version?

Yes, you can. We create a Japanese landing page from scratch.

Can I request a translation?

Yes, you can. Our bilingual Japanese staff will translate your text into natural Japanese.

Is a landing page always required for ads?

Although not required, having a landing page can make a big difference in conversion rates.