How to Enter the Japanese Market Japanese Link Building

Outreach prospect website owners

What is Japanese link building?

Japanese link building is one of the SEO techniques to increase Japanese domain authority by acquiring inbound links from other websites.

By winning links from carefully selected prospect websites, our team help improve Japanese search positions in the search results.


Less inbound links to Japanese sites

If you have just launched Japanese website, the number of inbound links are very limited compared to English sites.

Poor performance

Western link building agency must have hard time in building links from Japanese websites unless they recognize the cultural difference between Japan and English website.

Can’t find link building agency for Japanese market

Although there are SEO agencies in Japan, very few of them can manage link building and English speaking.


Improve search positions

Among hundreds of google algorithms, link building is still one of the influential elements to assess the value of website. Therefore, investing link building tactics still pays off.

Rich hands-on experiences

At the request of global companies, our team have been winning hundreds of inbound links from Japanese websites in the past. Since we review all the website manually, we never build any low quality links.

Bilingual Agency

Since our team speaks English, Japanese and Korean languages, we can communicate with your team to understand what you want.

Japanese Link Building Service


Number of winning links
After successful link building

How we won ?

Distribution of Domain Authority of winning links

Distribution of Domain Authority of winning links
The number of websites with high domain authority are less than English websites. Our team can customize link building strategy depending on the DA/DR you need.

Winning links and type

Our team target Non Brand links with the anchor text.

Link Building Process

  1. 01 Scope of work
  2. 02 Build Strategy
  3. 03 Research prospect websites
  4. 04 Outreach
  5. 05 Win

“Japanese link building is one of the difficult and non-scalable approach SEO technique because Japanese website owners or managers usually are not accustomed to add links for somebody. However, it doesn’t mean impossible. Our team build strategy by considering popularity of produce or company brand.”

Junichi Takayama
CEO, Bloomstreet


Can you only acquire high Domain Authority or Domain Rating links?

Yes, it is possible. It is not scalable but our team only approach the websites that meet your metric.

Why is it difficult in building links in Japan?

First of all, Japanese don’t add links in the middle of texts unlike Wikipedia. Besides, the higher DA or DR is, the website belongs to the companies whose webmasters are not decision maker to approve your links so they ignore your outreach proposal.

Can you provide link building service for any industries?

It would be difficult for new services that people don’t know yet.

Do you provide link building for other languages?

We do provide Korean link building services, which also needs localized approach compared to English websites.