How to Enter the Japanese Market Japanese Keyword Research

Measure monthly search volume, competition and long term trend

What is Japanese Keyword Research?

Japanese Keyword Research is a part of SEO services to help digital team discover the right queries that Japanese consumer or business person use from the point of native speaker.

By referring to the list of core keywords prioritized by digital team in head quarter, our team find the equivalent Japanese terms that has the same concept as English.

The Challenge

Can’t hire bilingual SEO professional

As a matter of a fast, there are very few who have rich hands-on SEO experiences with English language skills living in Japan. Although you happen to find him/her, sooner or later they might leave the company.

Are these Japanese keywords equivalent?

Client might use translator or auto translation tool to pick Japanese words. Those words may end up finding that less Japanese people actually use.

Localize regional keyword strategy

There is often a gap of awareness about the product or service in the local market. Digital team must find the right words by considering the maturity in Japan.

The Benefits

Sustainable SEO Japanese team

Our Japanese bilingual SEO professional team provide what’s necessary for you to succeed in Japan. Through a regular online meeting, digital team will understand more about Japanese market by observing the website traffic from search keywords.

SEO Tools that client’s digital team uses

Our team use either Ahrefs or SEMRUSH to measure monthly search volume, competition and trend so that we can communicate on the common measurement.

Progress Report

Our team track search ranking of prioritized keywords on either weekly or monthly basis. Client can recognize where we are now and where we will be.

Priority Keyword List (Sample)

Priority Japanese Keyword List (Sample)

Japanese Keyword Research Service

“The most important thing about conducing Japanese keyword research is to understand your product or services as well as to recognize the gap of market penetration between HQ’s country and Japan. As we observe the data of keyword performance, we will be able to propose the keywords that SEO tools alone can’t find.”

Junichi Takayama
CEO, Bloomstreet


What search engine is popular in Japan?

Japan has major three search engines. Google is No.1 share as of 2022. Yahoo is second popular search engine especially for woman. Although the share of Bing is lower than the other two, Japanese enterprise uses this because the majority of operation system are windows, which default browser is set as Edge.