Baidu Advertising

Baidu Advertising is a service to increase the visibility of your company’s website on the Chinese search engine, Baidu, and to discover potential customers in China. 

Supported Languages

  • Chinese

Details of Baidu Advertising Service

Company Issues

Unlike Google Ads, Baidu, the leading search engine in China, does not allow businesses to easily open their own accounts. Opening such an account requires complicated procedures. You will first need to create a website in Chinese, submit a certified copy of the company's registration, obtain a certification from government agencies that support the company and so on.

In addition, the advertising management screen does not support multiple languages, so those who do not know Chinese will be unable to operate the account without assistance.


  1. Problem Identification

    • Reviewing the Chinese website
    • Understanding the products and services
    • Understanding the business content
    • Survey of market trends
    • Survey of keyword volume
    • Selection of target countries
    • KPI settings
  2. Planning

    • Development of Baidu advertising strategies
    • Sharing schedule of actions & measures
  3. Execution

    • Selection of keywords
    • Creation of advertising statements
    • Destination settings
    • Conversion settings
    • Keyword replacement
  4. Operation

    • Measuring the number of views and clicks
    • Fixed-point observation of conversions
    • Survey of competitors' trends
    • Analysis of enquiries
    • Website analysis (quarterly)

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