Visualize SEO Performance Search Engine Ranking Report

Monitor search ranking positions along with search volume and competitor’s position

What is Search Engine Ranking Report?

Search Ranking Report tracks keyword position on both weekly and monthly to measure the SEO performance. Report is provided as either sharable link or slide decks in English. Depending on the nature of products, we can track the search position either by devices or type of search engines such as Google, Yahoo Japan and Bing.

The Challeng

Difficult to track Japanese keywords

Once the target keywords switch to the languages you don’t know, even SEO work become way difficult.

Report to head quarter

If local team in Japan are not familiar with SEO, reporting work to HQ can be difficult.

What is behind the search results?

Being aware of changes of search position is just halfway of search engine marketing. Digital team must understand what’s working and what’s not in the local website.

The Benefits

Productive cycle to generate performance

Having regular meeting with us, digital team in HQ can understand the where you are and the direction you are heading for.

Visualize performance

The report includes position changes, competitor ranking and user behavior analysis at your request.

Deep analysis

Our team can also analyze how well local pages are search engine friendly as well as the performance such as the number of impressions, clicks, click through rate and queries users typed.

Search Engine Ranking Report Service

General Search Engine Ranking Report

General Search Engine Ranking Report
Digital team can track ranking positions of targeted Japanese keywords.

Search Engine Ranking by Search Engines

Search Engine Ranking by Search Engines
Google and Yahoo! Japan show almost the same results. On the other hand, Bing owned by owned by Microsoft, shows different positions.

Monthly Search Engine Ranking History

Monthly Search Engine Ranking History
Track keywords by weekly or monthly

Competitor Ranking Report

Competitor Ranking Report
Since search results is relative, our team don’t only monitor your website but also competitor’s. When you lose your positions, your competitors might have taken certain approach to be ahead of you.

Search Demand Trends

Total monthly search volume of targeted keyword has trend. Our team have both macro and micro perspective behind people’s search activities.


“Creating search engine raking report is the fundamental for SEO work. This is where both of us have mutual understanding of website performance. Your digital team will recognize the uniqueness of Japanese marketing by going through regular meetings.”

Junichi Takayama
CEO, Bloomstreet


What search engine can you track positions?

Our team can track Google, Yahoo! Japan and Bing for Japanese market. We can also track Naver and Daum for Korean market and Baidu for Chinese market.