How to Enter the Japanese Market Localize Japanese Page Design

Localize web design and UI for the Japanese market

What is Localize Japanese Page Design?

Localize Japanese Page Design service is a service that localizes website/page design and UI for Japanese BtoB.

If you already have a global website, we will localize the design and composition suitable for the Japanese market.

It is also possible to create a new website for Japan.

The Challenge

Design does not fit the Japanese business scene

Aim for a calm design that respects Japanese business culture.

Japanese font display is off

Select a Japanese font that matches the font of the global version.

Directly translated into Japanese.

The design received by the Japanese market is very different from the global version.

The Benefits

Lead acquisition

Bloomstreet is a digital marketing company that also functions as a web design company.
We have improved the web pages of numerous companies for the Japanese market, leading to lead acquisition.

We konw Japanese Web Design

With staff in Asia, Europe and the United States, we understand the characteristics of highly effective design in both Japan and overseas.

Extensive experience implementing WordPress

In collaboration with engineers at the headquarters, we can also customize Japanese-language pages to make them easier for the Japanese team to maintain and manage.

Localize Japanese Page Design Service

Differences in Web Design in Japan

Toyota Motor Europe Website*1
Toyota Motor Japanese Web site*2

The look and feel of Japanese digital products, including websites, is unique compared to the rest of the world.
The reasons for this are cultural and linguistic differences, but localizing the design and UI to a familiar look and feel for the target audience will create a sense of familiarity and ease of use, which will lead to leads such as inquiries.
By localizing the design and UI to a familiar look and feel to the target audience, you can create a sense of familiarity and ease of use, which leads to leads such as inquiries.

*1 Image source:Toyota Motor Europe

*2 Image source:Toyota Motor Japan


  1. 01 Check global version
  2. 03 Check design regulations
  3. 04 Design Proposal Submission
  4. 05 Reflecting Feedback
  5. 06 Publish

“Has localization been completed only by translation into Japanese? Respect the Japanese digital culture and localize the content, design, and comfort of use to capture leads.”

Megumi Matoba
UI/UX Designer, Bloomstreet


Can you create a Japanese website separate from the global version?

Yes, we can. We provide support from domain name acquisition to publishing and operation.

Can I also request translations?

Yes, you can. Our bilingual Japanese staff will translate the original text into natural Japanese.

Can I also request the SEO of the page?

Yes, you can. We offer digital marketing services that specialize in expanding into Japan.