NAVER Advertising

NAVER Adverting is a search advertising service to help you respond more quickly to many Korean search terms. 

Supported Languages

  • Korean

Details of NAVER Advertising Service

Company Issues

NAVER, the leading search engine in Korea, does not allow you to open an account online in the same way that Google Ads does. Opening an account requires a Korean language website and a certified copy of the company's registration, which is a complicated procedure. Also, unlike English or Chinese, it is difficult for those who do not know Korean to even imagine the content, which causes difficulties in entering the Korean market.


  1. Problem Identification

    • Reviewing the Korean website
    • Understanding the products and services
    • Understanding the business structure
    • Survey of market trends
    • Survey of keyword volume
    • Selection of target countries
    • KPI settings
  2. Planning

    • Formulation of NAVER advertising strategies
    • Sharing schedule of actions & measures
  3. Execution

    • Selection of keywords
    • Creation of advertising statements
    • Destination settings
    • Conversion settings
    • Keyword replacement
  4. Operation

    • Measuring the number of views and clicks
    • Fixed-point observation of conversions
    • Survey of competitors' trends
    • Analysis of enquiries
    • Website analysis (quarterly)

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