Japanese SEO

Our Japanese SEO is a service for foreign companies based in Japan and foreign companies looking to enter the Japanese market, with the aim of achieving higher rankings for Japanese search keywords. 

Supported Languages

  • Japanese

Benefits of Japanese SEO

Japanese SEO Benefits of Japanese SEO Measures SEO Writing for Japanese

SEO Writing for Japanese

Technological advances in automatic translation have made it possible to get an overview without knowing a foreign language. However, writing by native speakers is still essential for SEO tactics intended for Japan, and not automatic translation. Since Japanese is not as tolerant as English, the use of Japanese on the website is an important point of contact not only for search ranking but also for gaining customer trust.

Japanese SEO Benefits of Japanese SEO Measures Japanese-English Bilingual Support

Japanese-English Bilingual Support

When foreign-affiliated companies take SEO tactics intended for Japan, there are policies and restrictions on the global site. After understanding these policies, it is totally necessary to have the same level of knowledge as the web marketer at the head office and work to align the direction in order to successfully deploy in Japan. Based on the experiments and results in the Japanese market, we will proceed to contribute to the profits of the entire group.

Japanese SEO Benefits of Japanese SEO Measures Practicing Cutting-edge SEO Know-how

Practicing Cutting-edge SEO Know-how

Since useful information about SEO is first transmitted in English and part of it is translated into Japanese, there is a big difference in the amount of information and its degree of “freshness”. In addition, since we use the most advanced overseas SEO tools, we can implement the appropriate SEO tactics based on the needs of our customers and the strategies of our competitors.

Details of Japanese SEO Service

Company Issues

For foreign companies, the Japanese market may appear to be a difficult one to enter because of the language barrier. It is common to encounter awkward websites that are translated directly from English to Japanese, which, for Japanese companies, creates the impression that they lack credibility and are risky to do business with.

For foreign companies, it is difficult to deal with this issue in-house because of the challenge of finding an expert with SEO experience and knowledge as well as language skills.


  1. Problem Identification

    • Understanding the business content
    • Inspection of product web pages
    • Analysis of website structure
    • Identifying English expressions
    • Measuring the site's loading speed
    • Raising issues related to UI/UX
  2. Planning

    • Development of SEO strategies
    • Sharing schedule of actions & measures
  3. Execution

    • Selection of keywords
    • Upgrading product web pages
    • In-page SEO actions & measures
    • Keyword discovery
  4. Operation

    • Monitor the search ranking of products/services
    • Fixed-point observation of competitors' search rankings
    • Analysis of inquiries
    • Website analysis (quarterly)


Number of top 10 ranking

10.0 or higher on average

Please Note

Competition is fierce even for Japanese SEO
Although Japanese has less information than English, it is not easy to be successful because of the high competition rates of Japanese keywords that are directly linked to profits. In addition, the number of searches using Japanese keywords, and niche technical terms, which are relatively rarely searched, are difficult to find. So, it is extremely important to come up with suggestions and verify which keyword is really in demand without seeing the numerical statistics.
It is necessary to consider the SEO unique to Japan
Google's search engine has an overwhelming share in the world, but because Japanese companies are increasingly using Windows PC, Microsoft's search engine Bing is gradually increasing its share as well. Also, a unique strategy is required when building backlinks that will affect the search rankings, as the person in charge of the website cannot freely add links.
Pay attention to the design and font
For foreign-affiliated companies and Japanese companies to compete, it is necessary to change not only the language but also the design to one that is well received by the Japanese. This is because the website design that Japanese people are accustomed to is a little different from overseas ones. We can get one step closer to our customers by developing communication that is close to them on our website while making the best use of our global capital and comprehensive strength.

Customer Success Story

SEO in Japanese for Telecommunication company

leased line internet connection
BeforeRank 33
5 months laterRank 1

Other Keywords
leased line Rank 114
leased line connection Rank 110
leased line best effort Rank 150
leased line benefit Rank 126
Japanese SEO Success story