Japanese SEO

We help to achieve higher rankings for Japanese search keywords for foreign companies based in Japan or looking to enter the Japanese market.

Supported Languages

  • Japanese

Benefits of Japanese SEO

Japanese SEO Benefits of Japanese SEO Measures SEO Writing for Japanese

SEO Writing for Japanese

Writing by native speakers is still essential for SEO tactics intended for Japan since the Japanese is not as tolerant as English.

Japanese SEO Benefits of Japanese SEO Measures Japanese-English Bilingual Support

Japanese-English Bilingual Support

Based on the experiments and results in the Japanese market, we will proceed to contribute to the profits of the entire group.

Japanese SEO Benefits of Japanese SEO Measures Practicing Cutting-edge SEO Know-how

Cutting-edge SEO Know-how

We can implement the appropriate SEO tactics based on the needs of our customers and the strategies of our competitors.

Details of Japanese SEO Service

Company Issues

Difficult to handle both SEO and Japanese language.

It is common to encounter awkward websites that are translated directly from English to Japanese.
For Japanese companies, it creates the impression that they lack credibility and are risky to do business with.


  1. Problem Identification

  2. Planning

  3. Execution

  4. Operation

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Please Note

Competition is fierce even for Japanese SEO
Although Japanese has less information than English, it is not easy to be successful. It is important to verify which keyword is really in demand without seeing the numerical statistics.
Necessary to consider the Japanese unique SEO
Google's search engine has an overwhelming share in the world, but Bing is gradually increasing its share as well. Also, a unique strategy is required when building backlinks.
Pay attention to the design and font
The website design that Japanese people are accustomed to is a little different from overseas ones. It is necessary to change not only the language but also the design.

Customer Success Story

For Telecommunication company

leased line internet connection
Rank 33
Rank 1 in 5 months10

Other Keywords
leased line Rank 114
leased line connection Rank 110
leased line best effort Rank 150
leased line benefit Rank 126
Japanese SEO Success story