Japanese PPC Management

Japanese PPC Management is a service that increases the level of exposure to Japanese search engines by responding to a variety of search demands for products and services. 

Supported Languages

  • Japanese

Benefits of Japanese PPC Management

Japanese PPC Management Benefits of Japanese Listing Ad Operations - Visualize Keywords That Lead To Results

Visualize Keywords That Lead To Results

For privacy reasons these days, the keywords that customers are actually searching for are disappearing. Since Google Ads allows you to see the words used by customers in search engines and potential keywords that can lead to results, you can get a valuable source of information not only for listing ads but also for keyword selection for SEO measures.

Japanese PPC Management Benefits of Japanese Listing Ad Operations - For Keywords That Cannot Be Shown At Top 10

For Keywords That Cannot Be Shown At Top 10

For highly competitive keywords that are difficult to display at the top or for the purpose of burning time before the SEO measures become effective, it is possible to secure contact with customers by using listing advertisements. This is a marketing method that can be implemented immediately as compared to SEO measures. Additionally, you can also conduct campaigns for a limited time, which is an effective measure against competitors.

Japanese PPC Management Benefits of Japanese Listing Ad Operations - Show Ads To People Who Have Yet To Search

Show Ads To People Who Have Yet To Search

People who have decided what they are looking for will search it up on the Internet, but there are many potential customers who will just not follow through with this particular action. For niche services and products that are difficult to put it into words in the first place, it is more effective to use display advertisements. The appeal of listing ads is that they can be delivered by selecting the customer's interest, age, and location.

Details of Japanese PPC Management Service

Company Issues

The words and phrases used when searching for products and services are changing every day. Simply replacing the search terms used in English-listing ads with Japanese ones is not going to be effective.

Japanese PPC management is just as difficult as Japanese SEO strategies in terms of hiring experts with the experience and knowledge of digital marketing in addition to English and Japanese language skills.


  1. Problem Identification

    • Review of the Japanese website
    • Understanding the products and services
    • Understanding the business content
    • Surveying keyword volume
    • Selection of target countries
    • Raising issues related to UI/UX
    • KPI settings
  2. Planning

    • Development of listing strategies
    • Sharing schedule of actions & measures
  3. Execution

    • Selection of keywords
    • Creation of advertising statements
    • Destination settings
    • Conversion settings
    • Keyword replacement
  4. Operation

    • Measuring the number of views and clicks
    • Fixed-point observation of conversions
    • Survey of competitors' trends
    • Analysis of enquiries
    • Website analysis (quarterly)

Please Note

Competition is fierce even for Japanese SEO
Although Japanese has less information than English, it is not easy to be successful because of the high competition rates of Japanese keywords that are directly linked to profits. In addition, the number of searches using Japanese keywords, and niche technical terms, which are relatively rarely searched, are difficult to find. So, it is extremely important to come up with suggestions and verify which keyword is really in demand without seeing the numerical statistics.
It is necessary to consider the SEO unique to Japan
Google's search engine has an overwhelming share in the world, but because Japanese companies are increasingly using Windows PC, Microsoft's search engine Bing is gradually increasing its share as well. Also, a unique strategy is required when building backlinks that will affect the search rankings, as the person in charge of the website cannot freely add links.
Pay attention to the design and font
For foreign-affiliated companies and Japanese companies to compete, it is necessary to change not only the language but also the design to one that is well received by the Japanese. This is because the website design that Japanese people are accustomed to is a little different from overseas ones. We can get one step closer to our customers by developing communication that is close to them on our website while making the best use of our global capital and comprehensive strength.