Japanese PPC Management

Japanese PPC Management is a service that increases the level of exposure to Japanese search engines by responding to a variety of search demands for products and services. 

Supported Languages

  • Japanese

About this service

Company Issues

The words and phrases used when searching for products and services are changing every day. Simply replacing the search terms used in English-listing ads with Japanese ones is not going to be effective.

Japanese PPC management is just as difficult as Japanese SEO strategies in terms of hiring experts with the experience and knowledge of digital marketing in addition to English and Japanese language skills.


  1. Problem Identification

    • Review of the Japanese website
    • Understanding the products and services
    • Understanding the business content
    • Surveying keyword volume
    • Selection of target countries
    • Raising issues related to UI/UX
    • KPI settings
  2. Planning

    • Development of listing strategies
    • Sharing schedule of actions & measures
  3. Execution

    • Selection of keywords
    • Creation of advertising statements
    • Destination settings
    • Conversion settings
    • Keyword replacement
  4. Operation

    • Measuring the number of views and clicks
    • Fixed-point observation of conversions
    • Survey of competitors' trends
    • Analysis of enquiries
    • Website analysis (quarterly)